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  • Shipping Container

    Shipping Containers for a Home

    Shipping Containers for the Homestead There are lots of ideas out there on how to build an inexpensive home for your Off grid Homestead.  Using this method of using shipping containers and a combination of shipping containers and a recreation vehicle and or some building construction has [...]
  • survival bunker

    Survival Bunker

    Survival Bunker or Man Cave? You are trying to decide to start a Homestead, now depending on your reasons and everyone has their own reasons and if yours is for survival you may also want to consider building a "Survival Bunker".  If you think this may be for you, you may want to check this [...]
  • Dairy Cow

    The Homestead Dairy Cow

    Homestead Dairy Cow - Yes No? Many homesteading/survivalist families make the decisions to invest in a dairy cow for their property. This will provide plenty of milk for your family – and possibly extra for your pigs, if you’re raising those. You can drink the milk, or create yogurt, ice [...]
  • The Rocket Stove

    The Rocket Stove Step By Step

    DIY Rocket Stove Here is a great video showing you how to make a Rocket Stove. In the video he shows you a step by step DIY to make a rocket stove for emergency use, survival or just as a hobo stove! Check out the video... https://youtu.be/vwujZFK05rY
  • survival food choices

    Survival Food Choices

    Have A Supply of Survival Food Everybody eventually in their lives questions exactly what they would eat if they were caught in the forest or stuck on a dessert island. While you may not necessarily find yourself in these specific situations, having a supply of survival food on hand cannot [...]
  • Garden

    6 Easy Steps to Successful Gardening

    Tips for Successful Gardening Survival gardening is a reasonable and sensible thing to do. It will ensure that you have a wide variety of food items during time of an economic crisis. You will not have to rely too much on other food providers because you prepared yourself. Successful Gardening [...]
  • Food-dehydrator-02

    DIY Solar Powered Food Dehydrator

    Solar Powered Food Dehydrator Do you happen to live in where the weather conditions are quite hot, sunny and have low humidity? If so then you are in a really good position to build your own Solar Powered Food Dehydrator that can collect a sufficient amount of solar heat quickly which can [...]
  • Food

    Food Kitchen Basics For Catastrophe Survival

    Is You Kitchen Ready? The entire world these days are experiencing a growing number of natural catastrophes these include; cyclones, floods, snowstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and even basic power failures. One location for these emergencies we require to be prepared in is the kitchen. Those [...]
  • OffGrid

    Living Off Grid What Is It?

    Is Off Grid And Survival Homesteading The Same? For those people that are establishing their own Survival Homestead can pickup information and ideas from those individuals that intend to live "Off Grid" Living "Off-Grip" is rapidly becoming a popular choice to those people wanting to decrease [...]
  • survivalplan01

    Plan Your Emergency Kit

    Get Your 72 Hour Emergency Kit Together In your planning you will want to consider what types of emergencies and disaster you may be faced with and plan for those types of emergencies. A great start is to get a 72 hours emergency kit together. This can be as big as you would like. You may also [...]

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