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  • Test Water Straw

    This official LifeStraw personal water filter will provide 264 gallons (1,000 liters) of safe drinking water without using chemicals, iodine Removes 99.9999% of bacteria including Escherichia coli (e-coli), campylobacter, vibrio cholera, pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella, salmonella Removes 99.9% of protozoa including giardia lamblia (beaver [...]
  • Firesignal628x426

    Practice Your Survival Skills

    Do Not Just Have A Plan Practice You may have read many books on different approaches to survival and also have viewed YouTube educational video clips. But until you really take the time and get out into the field with your survival gear and practice those skills yourself, all you will really have is a false sense of security that you would [...]
  • Survival Skills

    A Few Must Have Survival Skills

    A Few Survival Skills Today, few people can make it through in the wilderness for even a couple of days without modern conveniences such as electrical energy and electronic devices. However, learning a couple of survival skills can really make the difference between life and death in the event you get lost or get injured while hiking or [...]
  • How To Build a Self-Feeding Fire – Wilderness Survival Skills

    How To Build a Self-Feeding Fire – Wilderness Survival Skills

    A Self-Feeding Fire This video demonstrates a technique for building a fire structure that will burn continuously and does not require ANY managing.
  • Survive a Dessert Island

    Island Survival-How To Survive On A Desert Island

    Learn Survival Skills Learn how to survive as we walk you through the steps we took on a week long primitive survival outing. I know its long, but its packed with cool skills.
  • survival kit

    20 Things You Need to Pack in a Survival Kit

    Pack These 20 Items in your Survival Kit Everybody should have an emergency survival kit or emergency kit. If something should happen, you will need to be prepared, have have to live with the basics for at least 3 days. The Red Cross recommends a 3 day supply for an evacuation from home and a minimum of a 14 day supply for the house. So just [...]
  • Rain Water

    A Simple Living Guide to Rainwater Barrel Usage

    Your Rain Water Usage Guide  Water is one of our greatest natural resources.  However, when it rains, most of the water ends up in storm drain systems where it has to be treated to be recycled. But you can actually create systems to store and use rainwater where it will do the most good.  You can also save money and natural resources by [...]
  • Plan B

    Your Plan B Survival Plan

    Plan Your Retreat You have decided to start an emergency survival plan just in case that time comes. In your plan you are considering to go at it big time and have your own off grid homestead, to either live on or have it as a place to retreat to. Pretty big decision yes but one that will be well worth it. Preparing for a  disaster is a [...]
  • homestead

    Break Free With Your Own Homestead

    You Can Still Start A Homestead Today Homesteading is once again gaining some real popularity in North America, United Kingdom, and Australia. Homesteading goes by several names; farming, off-grid, simple living, self-sufficient life, independent living, back-to-basics, and more. But homesteading what is it really? Homesteading has come to [...]
  • Egg Shaped Ecocapsule

    Live Off Grid Wherever You Want In This Portable Capsule

    The  Egg Shaped Ecocapsule Well here is a great alternative for those people that would like to have the option to quickly set-up and live off grid. Slovakian architects have just revealed a super-compact capsule that promises to deliver a nomadic lifestyle, with all the renewable-powered comforts of home. The whole thing is pretty cramped, [...]



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